Czech’ing out

Well, so much for Prague. Here we are, home again in lovely sunny England. Our whole trip was dogged with grey skies with mere glimpses of nice weather. The plane started to enter British airspace, the clouds parted and glorious sunshine bathed everything in a delightful glow. It was like all the best welcome homes celebrated at once.

England says welcome home

OK, that was all a bit much but it was nice coming home to lovely weather – it’s so rare!

Our morning was spent at great leisure – breakfast, packing, breakfast, packing. The staff at the hotel were all ridiculously pleasant and easy to get on with. We were picked up early by the car and transported to Prague airport in plenty of time for the flight home, which arrived 20 minutes early. Everything went so smoothly, I have nothing to complain about which, sadly, makes this a bit of a boring post.

One snippet of interest…because Mirinda travelled business class, she was Fast Tracked through customs. This appears not to be the case in Prague. Being in the Fast Track lane means you get a pleasant conversation with the security person rather than a grunt and flick of the eyebrow (which is what I always get). It certainly surprised Mirinda.

And to wrap up our Christmas 2011 we’d just like to say that Prague is one of the loveliest places we’ve ever been to. We’d recommend it to anyone wanting to enjoy a festive break. I have heard that it’s not so nice when full of stag and hen nights! Still, we didn’t see anything that could be classed as lager lout behaviour. Prague was simply lovely.

In the next few days, I shall be preparing some photo albums of our trip to accompany the blog. Won’t that be fun?

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  1. mum cook says:

    Yes it will be fun I am dying to see them then I am your mother LOL That was a lovely welcome home great photo.
    love mum

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