The sun!

So, after a few weeks of rain, mud and poodle prints, today the sun shone gloriously. The temperature climbed to a staggering 10°, freshened by a light breeze. Although, according to the weather station, at 1pm, the temperature was a frightening 22°! This is because the sun shines directly on it as it floats above the hedge. When I erect the Stevenson screen, this will be sorted out.

The park was beautiful when we strolled through it, all the dog walkers smiling and happy. All but for the guy who yelled “C’mon, you rotten sodding dog!” who was clearly NOT happy.

Talking of clearly not happy…the lady who generally serves me in Waitrose and who chats to me was clearly miserable today. I tried to cheer her up. We chatted about the conference. I told her of my adventure staying at the flat. I smiled. I laughed. None of it did any good. Today she was going to be miserable and, by God, nothing or no-one was going to change her mind! Well, I didn’t. Clearly.

Someone who clearly WAS happy was our neighbour across the road and down a bit. She accosted me in the street, standing oddly close to me, which wasn’t just uncomfortable but also difficult as she’s so short it meant tipping my head forward a long way. Anyway, she excitedly informed me that one of her ‘girls’ who lives in Sydney is getting married to an Australian and she’s off to visit. I think next week. They live in Fairlight. They have just bought a house for an undisclosed but very large sum, that has a tin roof and termites in the wooden walls. Fortunately our neighbour’s son can get rid of termites and he has been there since January working at it.

He (the son) plays a fiddle and has joined a Sydney Morris side. I cannot believe that there is a Morris dancing group in Sydney! They’d have to drink lager for a start and that’s just not allowed. I’m pretty sure it states in the official Morris Men code that ale is the only drink they can drink when suitably attired and prepared to dance.

He went aboard the tall ship that regularly sails around the harbour with a friend of his and played his fiddle to the delight of the passengers. All very jolly. As was she. She was so excited I thought she was going to explode. Right in front of me. It was slightly scary. She looks a bit like Kath Day-Knight but shorter. Her husband does not look like Kel. I’ve never met the daughter. Or the son.

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3 Responses to The sun!

  1. Claire says:

    Your neighbour sounds very friendly. Our Australian termites have a reputation to being the most fearless and successful of all termites.Claire.

  2. Mum Cook says:

    Love your neighbour she was just excited about coming here,
    I would have said a bit silly buying a house with termites and agree with Claire very fearless.
    love mum

  3. Mirinda says:

    That neighbour is a bit odd – a bit intense. She stopped me in the street once and said “you’re the fresh air freak!” A very forward and impertinent comment for an english person. I asked for clarification and she said ” oh you keep your bedroom window open all the time, even in winter”

    True – but none of her business.

    There was a freak in that conversation – but it wasn’t me.

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