A little while ago, we booked Pulpo Negro for our anniversary dinner. Okay, we’re going to have a special anniversary weekend which will involve an amazing meal in Sussex, but, for the actual day, we thought we should treat ourselves to our favourite restaurant.

Actually, while Pulpo Negro has been my favourite for quite a while now, it was only tonight that Mirinda confessed that it’s hers as well. That’s a big confession when her previous top spot was held by the Chesil Rectory in Winchester. Of course, that could change the next time we go to the Chesil.

Dinner and atmosphere were both excellent, as usual. And there were a few new dishes to sample, which is always a delight.

You know you’ve been to a restaurant many times when one of the waiters comes up to you, taps you on the shoulder and asks how you’ve been. That happened to me tonight when the guy who made me the best espresso Martini a few times ago asked how I was. Sadly, he didn’t make my espresso Martini tonight. It was still good but didn’t reach the same heights of pleasure.

But, great news, the pistachio and olive oil cake has made a return. I wasn’t keen on the rhubarb that came with it (Mirinda ate that) but the cake was perfect.

All up, a wonderful night out with a wonderful companion. Even after 31 years. Or maybe because of 31 years.

Here’s cheers for the next 31.

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