This morning I was rudely woken up at 2am by voices and smashing of what sounded like very thick glass. In my slumbery head, I thought some bunch of morons was going up the street smashing windscreens but, when I opened my eyes, my mind almost cleared and I realised the noise was coming from the park.

I could hear voices though not any actual words. And I have no idea what they were smashing because it was a weird kind of noise; almost as if they couldn’t break whatever it was and had a few goes but, each time it landed, it sort of bounced. It sounded like how I imagine lighthouse glass would sound if dropped on an all weather path.

The voices came from the mouths of, what sounded like, 12 year olds. They were not adults or even teenagers. Unless their testicles have yet to descend, I guess. Why they were out and about in the park at 2am, I have no idea. Apart from waking me up, of course.

Later, having returned to the world of dreams, then woken up at a reasonable hour, I was in my office when I heard a voice in the park. It sounded like a man on a phone, given there seemed to be only the one voice and a few pauses. A little later, Mirinda reported that she heard him talking to a woman, probably about the nighttime mess.

The voices from the park always sound really close, and yet, you rarely make out the words. Well, unless they shout or little kids scream like little kids are sometimes required to do.

Eventually, I just went up to the park to have a look.

There was nothing there except for some rather new signs of sweeping. I assumed that the guy who was talking had swept up whatever nuisance had been left on the path by the Nasty Little Children. Of broken lighthouse glass, there was none. Not that I performed a fingertip search or anything.

I guess I’ll never know.

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