It’s quite unusual for mum to be the first to hear any of my news but today she was. I was on the phone with her when my mobile rang.

I was ringing because dad was rushed off to hospital again. While mum had emailed and texted me, I really wanted to know all the details. By the time I called, he’d improved a lot and had been moved to a general ward.

Of course, everyone at Nambour hospital treated him like a visiting head of state – they all know and love him. He’s like that. Everyone loves my dad.

Poor mum sounded very tired. She (and Denise & Tracey) had spent all the early morning hours sitting by his bed at the hospital, trying to stay awake. I didn’t keep her on the phone too long, telling her to get to bed.

The phone call I received while I was talking to her was the realo getting back to us about Wednesday’s viewing. Apparently I was sort of wrong. The woman actually really liked the house. She was quite taken with the original windows and stairs. But (I knew there was a ‘but’) the house was too small for her needs and those of her disabled son.

I couldn’t agree more. As I said to mum, you’d have great difficulty getting a wheelchair from the hallway into the dining room. But she did really like it. So my one-handed housework can’t have been too bad.

I took this photo of the Avenue of Trees today because it looked lovely and peaceful. It’s for dad.

Autumn Avenue of Trees

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  1. mum cook says:

    I will tell dad when I go in but thank you from me it is a lovely picture so restful I slept for 12 hours haven’t done that for years
    It was great to be the first one as you say your news is always
    a bit late then mine is too but can’t be helped.
    love mum

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