Fourth in a week of lasts

The title of this post is not exactly correct. We had intended to visit Norrby’s for the final time for brunch today. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the big black gates, they were firmly closed against us. They are on holiday until 26 July. So, sadly, we already had our last time at Norrby’s Trädgårdsrestaurang & Café without realising it.

Instead, we went to the café at Trollbäcken and sat outside on the small terrace. Mirinda is a bit of a regular at this café, so it might be a last for her however, it was a first time for me having lunch there.

I had what was, essentially, a quiche. They called it ost och skinkpaj (cheese and ham pie) but you can’t fool me. Though, substituting ham for bacon made for a different taste. And it was far more cheesy. I’m rapidly realising that it was nothing like a quiche.

However, I thought the salad was especially crisp, fresh and tasty. I don’t like a lot of dressing – Norrby’s does go a bit mad with it – and this was just about perfect.

The big thing today was the departure of our excess baggage. A cheerful and ridiculously young, DHL driver picked up each box as if they weighed nothing, loaded them in his van and drove them away. Fingers crossed that the rest of the journey is as smooth.

Late in the day, Mirinda packed up the girls and headed for the woods for a (possibly) final swim in a lake. She said it was perfect, even though the temperature had fallen. She even managed to get Emma into the water. Not Freya though because she hates getting wet.

She is really going to miss her forest walks and lake swims.

Meanwhile, I recorded what will probably be my final Letter from Sweden podcast. That’s a bit sad. It’s here, by the way.

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