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Mirinda went into Stockholm today to look at the hundreds of model buildings at the Moderna Museet. There were so many, she had to have a coffee break halfway through. She then went to the Grand Café for some oysters. She had a lovely day.

I was at home with the dogs and, as well as throwing the ball for the ever persistent Emma, I took them for their walk.

It being a hot day, we went before the sun was too high in the sky. We went on the Duck Walk because I haven’t been that way for ages. And it might be my last chance to see the building progress on the flats that are replacing the burnt down factory.

It doesn’t look very big and that’s because it isn’t. The flats are going to be quite small. Pretty sure I wouldn’t like living there.

The last time I saw it was back on May 3 and the grader was doing its thing. The whole thing will probably come flat packed and the actual build will take a couple of days.

Because we went on the Duck Walk, I ran into the Chihuahua Guy. We’ve seen this chap walking his Chihuahuas ever since our first Duck Walk. I think he likes to practice his English. He always recognises me and makes a point of chatting.

He normally has a couple of dogs but today he only had one. I was worried about asking where the other one was in case there’d been some sort of accident. Or illness. Still, I thought it would be rude not to, so I asked.

The other dog was at home, he said, because he was playing golf in the afternoon and she liked to go with him. I smiled and asked if she walked beside him around the course. He said he’d custom made a special bag that fitted onto his golf buggy, and she sat in that as he walked around.

I thought that was brilliant and told him so. I’ve never heard of someone taking their dog to golf with them. He shrugged and said that she liked to go, so why not? I asked if she was any good at finding his balls in the rough. He shook his head. I reckon Emma would be a menace on the fairways.

Another thing I noticed about the Duck Walk was the house with the stacks of canoes in the front garden. The racks, having been full throughout the colder months, were almost empty as I walked by. The reason was that they’d all been hired out.

In fact, I saw the canoes on the lake.

It looked like lots of family groups, happily splashing about on the water.

The rest of the day, we three spent in the shade. Except for Emma’s almost constant forays into the sunlit back garden when chasing her ball.

Then, to round off the day, I watched the Euro 2020 final on the TV. It was the first major championship for England in 55 years. They were playing Italy who, likewise, have been without a major championship win in 53 years.

The Wembley crowd was huge (strange during a plague) and hooliganism was rife in London as kick-off approached. I dread to think what it was like afterwards as England lost on penalties. This was after scoring in the second minute of the game and holding Italy to 1-1 for the full 90 minutes then extra time.

As one fan said post match, “There’s always next year! We’ll be back!” Which is a lot better response than the racists who hurled vile blame on the three black players who missed their penalty shots. The disgusting racists are being investigated, rightly, by the FA.

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