The Glimra Girls from Gotland

Today was very exciting for the girls. They had a lovely romp in the forest with Mirinda. Not that that’s particularly exciting, but they love running around off lead. No, the big excitement was their very first live music concert.

We attended our second musical evening at Notholmen tonight and the girls came with us. They were treated to a lot of attention while we were treated to some folky Swedish songs from Annelie Roswall, Bittis Jakobsson and Annika Fehling, three women who are Glimra.

The whole concert was in Swedish apart from a few words dotted here and there. That didn’t matter. We loved it. Mind you, talking to Evelyn afterwards, she wasn’t that impressed. Not really her cup of tea.

And, unlike last time, the weather was perfect. While we arrived early and staked out a good chair and table combo in the marquee, close to the stage, the terrace area outside the café as well as around the grass, were full of people. It made for a great atmosphere.

Okay, the people in the photo above look a bit grim but I must have caught the concert at a particularly solemn moment. In fact, the band was very funny and had the crowd laughing a lot. Not that we understood any of it.

The dogs, likewise, understood nothing of what was going on. Emma, in particular, hated the clapping. Every time we applauded, she’d start shaking and looking concerned. Freya, too, wasn’t that keen on the clapping but she was also on the look out for other dogs.

Freya gave a couple of involuntary barks at one stage, but otherwise the two of them were perfectly behaved. And, while Emma didn’t really relax at all, Freya could hardly keep her eyes open while lying on Mirinda’s lap.

While we didn’t understand a lot of what was said (or sung) one thing we did recognise. They sang a Swedish version of Scarborough Fair. While the only word we caught was ‘Rosemary’ the tune was instantly recognisable. I rather liked it.

I haven’t been able to find an online version of Scarborough Fair but here’s another song by them.

The meal we had before the singing started was baked salmon and very nice it was too. In fact, the entire evening was just about perfect.

In fact, the only thing to mar the evening was getting back to Max to find we’d been given our third parking ticket. Of course, nowadays, I’m used to appealing them and I just sent off an email once we returned home.

Still, that didn’t dampen our delight one iota.

I am so going to miss this place.

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