Late night out in the woods

Today started with an almighty crash. A cloud, fully laden with water and Thor’s hammer, sitting about a foot above the house, suddenly released a great clap of thunder directly overhead. Then, as if to make sure we’d heard it correctly, a second attempt was made at waking the dead.

Then came the rain. Like a tropical, heat relieving downpour, the rain drenched everything.

Eventually the cloud drifted off, leaving blue sky and bright sunshine.

It was a very surprising start to the day. For all of us. Emma, in particular, was frightened. It reminded me of New Years Eve and the all out assault on the neighbourhood with high explosives.

The sudden and swift storm reduced the temperature a bit, but it soon managed to climb back up to the high 20s quite quickly afterwards, making my trip to the shops somewhat sweaty. Though it was a lot hotter at lunchtime when I was recording the monthly magazine in the spare room upstairs.

It was so warm, I risked having the window open during the recording. Fortunately, Chainsaw Guy wasn’t cutting anything and the only noise was the occasional car. It was a great relief.

This month, Anne and I were joined by Susan (Mike P was our engineer) and we all had a jolly good time. Well, apart from Anne’s rather miserable choice of poems. She felt the need to highlight the depressing state of the planet.

I said that maybe she could have ended on a happy note. She asked me if I would sing, then. I said no and we moved on.

Mirinda had another awful day at work so, in order to relieve the tension, she decided to take herself to the woods for a late night walk. This is something she’s been wanting to attempt since we first entered the woods. Today, being the longest day, seemed perfect.

She set off at about 8:30pm, the sky still bright and returned an hour and a half later, all buzzing from her adventure. She and Emma had been on tenterhooks for the whole walk as packs of dogs followed them. It didn’t sound like much fun to me. Well, apart from the barking deer at the end.

She now wants to try a walk at sunrise. Which means getting up at about 3am. That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to me.

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