Another quiet day in the country

While normally we practice OMAD* almost every day, sometimes, like today, I just feel like having something light for lunch. It’s generally not difficult to find some bits and pieces in our fridge given the smorgasbord nature of Swedish food. And today, I rather spoiled myself.

I usually have a few boiled eggs handy, and most weeks there’ll be leftover räkor. This week, just to add some flavour, I bought a little pot of black caviar to have with our salmon, so there was some of that as well.

It made for a perfect little bowl of protein.

I’d call it perfect springtime fare. And it was very much a beautiful, warm spring day. It’s just a pity it was spoiled by the builders next door.

First there was the chainsaw. They started with it yesterday. They’re not chopping down trees, so all I can imagine is they’re cutting up logs. All day yesterday and most of this morning. Then, in order to drive us just a little more insane, the jack hammer started up at about midday and continued until about 6pm.

I have no way of knowing what they were doing for certain but I think they were chopping up boulders. One thing I do know for sure is that it was not pleasant. The weather meant having doors and windows open, the jack hammer meant shutting everything up or just have a non-stop headache inducing racket going on.

Oh, the joys of living next door to a builder’s yard.

I managed to escape the noise for a while when I went up to Trollbäcken to shop, but that was scant relief.

On the bright side, today I found out about a Swedish village in Hokkaido, Japan. It’s called Sweden Hills and features falu red houses, and the residents dress up for midsummer and have crayfish parties. And, Swedes regular visit it. Imagine going overseas to see something that looks exactly like what you see every day at home.

I bet they don’t have a builder’s yard next door.

Finally, as the peace and quiet descended on our house, I knocked up a couple of tuna steaks for dinner. Accompanied by steamed pak choi and Gazzatouille, it’s always delicious. With the added pleasure of eating outside, given the end of the racket.

* One Meal A Day

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