When you really need a toothpick crossbow

Today’s Talking Newspaper with Nigel felt like sitting in a car, careening downhill with no brakes. It was a thrilling, very funny journey through this week’s local news. Ironic when a lot of the pieces were concerned with Farnham traffic being at a stand still.

I wasn’t scheduled to present this week, but poor Clive is suffering with shingles, so we swapped. When I realised it was with Nigel, I was very pleased. He is brilliantly funny.

This edition was the first to be completed in one day rather than spread across two. So, pretty much like we used to do it. Prepare and edit in the morning, record in the afternoon. This will now be the norm as the studio starts to re-open.

In July, the studio will be used as well as the remote recordings, albeit in a different configuration. Not that that concerns the Remote Crew.

Talking to Tim, after today’s recording, he was hopeful that our new, informal, chatty type style will be recreated in the studio editions. I hope so. But we shall see. Or hear.

But that’s next month, for today everything went smoothly. It took me an hour to clip all the pieces then an hour and half to create the PowerPoint and running order documents which I then sent to Nigel for editing. I had heaps of time before the recording at 2:30 UK time.

While everything ran very smoothly, it was a shame being stuck indoors all day, given the weather. And the green of the garden.

Plus, stuck upstairs, with the window closed to shut out the noise, the heat was starting to get to me by the time we’d finished the recording. As soon as we all said goodbye, I was up and outside with a cold beer.

A lot of laughs, a lot fun, a lot of stuff about back home.

In the meanwhilst, during a sizeable work break, Mirinda took the girls for a lovely walk in the woods. It’s amazing that she can walk out of the house and be in the woods in just over five minutes. No need for the car, delightfully close.

And, just in passing, some strange AI threw up an ad for a toothpick crossbow in my Chrome browser this morning. Here it is:

I don’t know why. As far as I remember, I’ve never searched for either crossbows or toothpicks. Of course, now that I’ve written about them in the blog, no doubt I’ll start being inundated with the opportunity to buy tiny medieval weaponry. How weird the world is.

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