For dogs sake!

Today was Fat Tuesday or Fettisdagen as it’s called here in Sweden. While in the UK people are flipping pancakes and having weird races with frying pans, here they are stuffing themselves with semla. The bun with the almond paste and cream. The idea is to have as many as you can before Lent starts tomorrow.

Though it is important to draw a lesson from King Adolf Frederick who, in 1771 ate too many and died from over consumption. Though, to be entirely fair on the semla, he also ate lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, kippers and champagne before tucking into dessert. Clearly a man with an issue.

Not that we had any semla today. Firstly, I don’t like them and, secondly, Mirinda was far too busy to get out of the house. Okay, she did one telephone call while walking the dogs, but that was it. I guess I could have gone to Trollbäcken and bought her one, but it’s only just occurred to me.

So, no semla for Mirinda.

And, I have to say, something nice and sweet would have been quite welcome after the night we had.

Emma decided she needed to go to the toilet at about 2am. Nothing unusual in that. I needed to go as well so we both went. We both did what we needed to do then went back upstairs.

A couple of hours later, she wanted to go again. I didn’t but still had to go downstairs (how I miss the doggy door) to let her out. She took forever but finally went. On her return to the vestibule I realised she had a monstrous poo smeared butt.

Into the shower stall Emma went and had her bum hosed down. It was not pleasant for either of us.

Eventually, she was clean and dry and ready to return to bed. Then, a little while later, she wanted to go again. This time Mirinda woke up and said she’d take her. And it was a repeat of my previous wash-up, this time with Mirinda providing the hosing.

Subsequently, apart from Freya, none of us had a lot of undisturbed sleep.

And everyone thinks she’s so cute. One night of arse cleaning would change that!

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