A splendid view of the loo

Tonight, being a Saturday, we ate out. Given the news of my shared heroism in the week, we decided it would be a celebration meal. Because of this, I had pizza and beer. Normally I’d have finished with ice cream but, because we were at Toscanini’s, I had to have tiramisu because, firstly it’s the only dessert made in-house and, secondly, because it’s bloody brilliant.

Dinner was definitely my highlight of the day. Of course, Mirinda took the girls to the forest for almost two hours so that was probably her highlight.

While she was away I took the opportunity to dust the lounge and vac up the detritus. It’s the only room that attracts dust. This is clearly because of the fire, which we’ve been using since the temperature dipped below zero and the snow encased the house.

The snow also encases Emma’s feet.

This is very much similar to what the poodles used to suffer on the rare snowfall days in Farnham. Though, to be fair, when Carmen and Day-z were covered in snowballs, they had trouble walking. Emma isn’t quite as bad and Freya’s hair is so fine she gets hardly any on her feet.

Given it was my choice of restaurant, I wanted to go to Spis and Vin, but they are now only open Monday to Fridays. This seems to be the case with lots of restaurants around here. They don’t do weekends. Which I find very odd.

We’ve found that, in most countries, the weekend is the peak dining out period. In fact, most countries we’ve visited have Monday’s off. Both tourist sites and restaurants.

Anyway, Toscanini’s is open on a Saturday so, I guess the whole week day thing is excellent for them. And us, given I wanted pizza.

Our meal was lovely and the waiter recognised us. He apologised that our usual table was taken and showed us to another one against the window with a view of the Tyresö Centrum overpass and bus station.

It’s the same view from the table we normally sit at, just a few metres down. Actually, the only downside to this new table is that it is opposite the toilets. When I suggested we had a fine view of the loo, the waiter swiftly drew the curtains and grinned broadly. He also said there was a private dining area through the other curtain.

A little later, a very old group arrived to take a table across the room from us. One of them, a tottery old man who appeared to have given away his last legs and was on someone else’s, decided to open the toilet blocking curtain nice and wide. There seemed neither rhyme nor reason for him to do this but do it, he did.

If he was looking for the loo, he didn’t find it because he then returned to his seat unrelieved. If he just wanted to irritate us, he was very successful.

Also successful was dinner, which was wonderfully completed with a glass of limoncello.

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