Overnight snowfall

This morning, I was upstairs going through my normal exercise routine when I stood up to do some leg stretches. I leant forward against the window sill. It was the first time I’d really looked outside. There had been some snow.

And the snow continued through the day. Light but persistent. And the temperature never rose above zero so the snow remained.

Before sunset, we went for a walk around the neighbourhood, passing gardens with giggling children sliding down shallow slopes next to carrot nosed snow figures. It was about as idyllic as one could get.

Okay, I realise there’s lots of people who hate the snow but, aside from the obvious problems, everything looks beautiful. And the kids just love it.

In a strange twist of coincidence, the dryer at Farnham died. I ordered a new one to arrive on Saturday. Then, as if in some sort of mass dryer suicide pact, the new one here stopped turning. I feel like it’s a Dryer-mageddon!

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen…I managed to make the cod and chorizo parcels tonight. And, according to Mirinda, it tasted better than before. I agreed.

I think it was the quality of the fish and the very tasty chorizo sausage.

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