People I’ve missed

A tiny black blur raced along the path today. Missile like it aimed for my legs. And then it connected, clung on and shook like a washing machine on uneven ground. It was Luna who I haven’t seen since this almost three month long Lockdown started. And I saw Vivienne as well.

I have been worried about Vivienne given I haven’t seen her for so long. In the pre-plague days I’d see Vivienne and Luna most mornings as they returned from their school drop off. Or from Starbucks at the regular noisy parent meet-up.

Actually, if I really think about it, I reckon I’ve missed the large, shouty crowd that would pile into Starbucks every school morning, making it next to impossible to concentrate.

Of the people I’d regularly see and chat to, Vivienne was the only one I hadn’t seen. Seeing her this morning was a very pleasant surprise.

You’re alive!” I declared as she caught up with Luna.

She was her usual jovial self, laughing off my concerns. She and her family have had a reasonably good Lockdown and, Vivienne admitted, it has been a good family time.

I didn’t see the Lady from St Mawes though and it’s been a few weeks. My concern over Vivienne will now shift to her. I didn’t see the Woman Who Has Had Everything either but I saw her yesterday so I’m not worried. Surprised she hasn’t had the virus but not worried.

Rather than worry, most of my day was spent in food preparation ahead of tomorrow.

I marinated pork, chorizo and olives as well as making gazpacho and an almond tart. It kept me very busy. Still, it means I’ll have it a lot easier in the kitchen tomorrow.

Mirinda spent most of the day in the library either talking with work people or attending a virtual conference via Skype. I heard a lot of laughter during both, which made me happy in turn. Particularly while I washed the extension floor.

Meanwhile the weather, though gloomy and wet early on, mostly remained dry.

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