Enjoying the Lockdown peace

I had a reply from Denise this morning regarding mum’s failure to answer the phone yesterday. Things are not good. She is deteriorating rapidly – Mum not Denise. Her dementia is taking over. She doesn’t eat, she doesn’t socialise, she needs help dressing. It’s all pretty dire really. Not the kind of news you really want to hear but what can you do?

I went shopping. not because of mum but because it was a Wednesday.

The park and Farnham in general were very quiet. The day was glorious with blue sky and sunshine and not too hot. The birds were singing loudly as if to cheer me up as I trollied into town.

Very quiet Lion and Lamb Yard

There was no queue at Waitrose. In fact, it was all very civilised this morning. There were no crazed shoppers invading personal space, there was only a few, like me, patient people wandering about, doing their normal shop.

I had a lovely chat with Pamela at the meat and fish counter. She asked me about my flappy feet so I told her. Apart from Old Vole (John), she is the first person to ever ask me.

I explained and she told me about her similar complaint where her leg goes numb and her foot goes flappy. It is temporary but she doesn’t like it. Her problem has a name but I couldn’t hear her properly because of the two metre rule between us coupled with the fact that we were talking quietly about personal matters.

She was also behind the meat and fish counter.

At home I mentioned to Mirinda that Pamela had noticed my flappy feet when she insists it’s not obvious. Mirinda claimed it was the walking stick. I told her I was pushing a shopping trolley and not using the stick. She then claimed it was because Pamela has the same thing.

As I emerged from the Lion and Lamb Yard I was struck by the almost After-The-Apocalpyse feel to West Street. I stood and listened. It was silent. There were no people, cars, anything.

I leaned against a shop doorway and took out my phone. I was about to video when four cars suddenly appeared and made West Street look almost normal. I waited for them to go by and then took a short video.

I don’t normally come down to West Street but I had to pop into an almost completely deserted Boots to get some hayfever tablets.

I probably shouldn’t say it but I’m actually enjoying the peace. The lack of traffic is the best bit but the lack of people makes shopping so much nicer. I know it can’t last but I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

And, because I went to Boots, it was only natural that I took a photo of the Castle Street footpath progress. And I can report that the complete section from the Borough to Long Garden Walk is complete.

Back at home I transplanted a fern from beneath another space greedy plant and removed a load of weeds. I also managed to fit in some housework. It was, basically, a very normal, tres ordinaire kind of day.

We took the girls to Frensham for their daily exercise. There were quite a few other people doing the same thing though not with our dogs.

Obviously, the pond looked beautiful and our walk around it punctuated by great joy.

There were hints in the news today that Boris Johnson may be announcing the lifting of some Lockdown restrictions from next Monday. I guess that means the traffic will come back and the air in the Borough will return to being unbreathable.

I think I’ll walk that way again on Friday. Just to enjoy it one last time.

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