Stretching the legs

I set off for Farnham this morning at 8am. The weather was murky. I walked through a sort of heavy mist, wondering if I should have worn a raincoat.


I passed quite a few dog walkers dressed for a monsoon which made my fleece look a bit inadequate. It didn’t rain and I remained bone dry.

I had decided that I’d go to Starbucks if it wasn’t packed. There were about six people there so I decided to have my first latte for months.

I chatted with Chantelle while Sandra made my coffee. Everyone had had a lovely Christmas and quiet new years. Apparently. I then settled down to write my blog.

My pleasant solitude didn’t last very long. A man dressed as a woman sat down behind me and started talking really loudly. I thought it was a phone call.

I packed up and started to leave. Glancing around at the noise maker I realised there was no phone. The conversation was being had with a reflection in the window.

In Waitrose I was served by an older lady who, on discovering my Australian accent, told me how much she loved Sydney. She asked me how friends and relatives were being affected by the bushfires. Before I could answer she told me how she blamed the ‘do gooders’ for the ferocity and destruction.

When questioned further she blamed the Greens because they have stopped the yearly back burning.

That is a lie. It is completely, utterly wrong. I can only assume it’s a lie put about by people who want to destroy the planet. Like the coal lobby, petrol heads and the Australian government.

It’s one thing that my father-in-law thinks it’s true but completely another when some random check-out person in Farnham does as well.

This is one of the most fundamental of the Stupidity Rules. Feed people enough crap and they will start regurgitating it as the truth. I despair.

Anyway, I successfully managed to shop for the next two days (I’m off to the flat tomorrow) and made it home. I didn’t need a raincoat.

My right leg was aching a bit by the time I walked in the door but the knee was fine. I spent the rest of the day with it up and resting.


I had an email late in the day asking about someone I’d researched for Frensham ages ago. Searching through my four books of pencil notes, I managed to find him. It made me realise I should be indexing my work. This I started straight away.

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