Not everything is rosy

Today, in the park with the girls, I was listening to the closing overs of the Pakistan batting innings while throwing Emma’s ball and watching Freya stalk squirrels. Michael Vaughn was on the TMS microphone and was delighted as the run getting grew near the end of the game. As he said, if Pakistan could get at least 316, they still stood a chance of reaching the finals. Of course, if they managed to reach 316 they would have to bowl out the Bangladesh team for no runs at all.

And so, the penultimate ball of the innings and the score was 314. There was no run, the batsman getting caught out. The ball before had also been a wicket so the final ball of the final over of the match could be a hat trick or it could be a glorious, at least, 320.

Flowers from the garden to brighten up this post

Following the dismissal, there was only one batsman left and he was the injured captain (he had a nasty bash on the elbow earlier on) and the commentary team wondered whether he’d bother coming out. But this was cricket. Of course he came out.

He faced the final ball, the TMS team almost delirious with expectation. He glanced the ball away for a pointless single, taking the Pakistan score to 315/9. Talk about complete anti-climax. Michael Vaughn chuckled.

In the end, Pakistan won, managing to bowl Bangladesh out for 221 after 44 overs. Though it’s only about national pride and overall world standings for each individual player. Tomorrow marks the final two matches before the semi-finals with India v Sri Lanka and Oz v South Africa. I’m going to miss all this wonderful cricket…well, until the Ashes starts anyway.

Some more flowers from our garden

Of course, being a Friday, I was working from home on the Fallen of WWI. I’d had an email from Kirsty earlier in the week asking if I’d be at the celebration of the end of the war (100 years on) but had to decline telling her I’d be in Provence. She wants to use one of my stories to highlight the work of the many volunteers. Not JUST me, I hasten to add! I’m sure it’ll be a massive board with many, many contributions. Pity I won’t be there as well as my scribblings.

Mirinda was also working from home though she’s had a relapse and she’s keeping talk to a minimum. Her cough has returned (not that it really went away but merely sat behind a chair waiting to jump out and frighten everyone within hearing range) and she feels awful. She mostly misses getting out in the countryside.

Hot border daisies

To make matters worse, the weather continues beautiful, perfect for countryside walking.

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