I don’t care about the rain…

…because I’m going to New York tomorrow!

But enough of that – hopefully I’ll be posting from there tomorrow night and will start talking deliriously about my favourite city – and about today.

First up, the dogs had to be taken to their favourite holiday camp (Doggy Butlins?). Had the taxi turned up at 9am as ordered, we would have avoided the rain but, that was not to be as he turned up at 9:15 and the rain was pouring by then. We made a dash for the cab and the girls leapt into the back and made themselves comfortable on the towel I had thoughtfully provided.

At the kennel, the pair of them wagged their tails and happily went off without a backward glance. I think they could smell the tripe and excessive fuss made of them. Actually, I rang yesterday to make sure I had the dates right and the woman knew who I was straight away. When I asked if she wanted my name to check the booking she said “No, that’s OK, I recognise the voice. It’s Carmen & Day-z, right?

Back at home I picked up a few things then headed into town to buy lunch and dinner, collect currency etc then spent the rest of the day chore-ridden with bits of travel related organising thrown in.

The rain did let up in the afternoon. Just right for me to burn the rubbish.

Now…back to my list…
Boarding passes

Did I mention I was going to New York tomorrow?

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2 Responses to I don’t care about the rain…

  1. Mirinda says:

    And so am I!!

  2. mum cook says:

    Wish I was you luck pair. love mum

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