Food and foot

Another day doing very little active stuff. My foot continues to improve and I reckon today should be enough.

Not that I really wanted to go anywhere. The weather was foul. Wind, rain, bits of old tree, the air was full of it.

It was a good day for research so research I did.

I’m sure the girls must wonder what’s going on. Though, to be fair, Freya spends most of the time on my lap and Emma sits on the window sill waiting for any sightings of flouro jackets.

Possibly the highest light of the day was dinner.

I had bought some lamb steak on Sunday and had a bit of broccoli in the fridge so I did a bit of a thin slice fry of the lamb and quick boil of the broccoli and had them both over a bowl of dashi doused soba noodles. I was rather pleased with the results. And the taste.

And it only took about 15 minutes!

I went to bed really looking forward to tomorrow given I get to leave the house.

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