Sunday into Monday

Sunday it finally rained. All a bit sprinkly but at least it continued most of the day. And then it rained all night. The garden has been given a right proper drenching. I’m very glad I mowed the lawn on Saturday.

Because the garden was not particularly pleasant today, I spent it stripping wallpaper – a job I started a while back…in fact the last time it rained and kept me out of the garden.

Stripping wallpaper

So that was just about my day. Apart from a walk in the park with the dogs, of course. Here’s Carmen running along the Avenue of Trees.

Carmen running towards me in the Avenue of Trees

One of Mirinda’s favourite flowers is the Lord Bute. The colour is magnificent and impossibly deep with a light fringe on each petal. Here’s a photo of ours.

Unbelievably bright Bute

It’s really that bright. I did not use a flash.

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2 Responses to Sunday into Monday

  1. Mirinda says:

    I love lord bute!! Who’s been using the avenue of trees as a driveway??

  2. mum cook says:

    Lovely never seen such colour.
    Love mum xx


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