Autumn blown in

Today it was all a bit gloomy with some pretty ferocious winds. As we walked down the Avenue of Trees, birds were flying off in all directions and not because they wanted to.

I wasn’t at work today because I had to deliver a signed document to our solicitor. And it was with great relief that I did it. It seems that very, very soon, the cottage will be someone else’s. We’re almost at the point of no return and I couldn’t be happier…except when we reach it, of course.

So with the weight somewhat lessened, I went shopping then returned home just in time for Mirinda to head off into town to get her hair coloured. I then settled down to work until it was time for the dogs to visit the park.

As I said, the avenue was a bit scary so we walked beside it in order to dodge falling branches. The girls didn’t care as long as they were out in the park.

We were greeted by quite a few dogs today, not that Emma took much notice. Freya, however, said hello to quite a few bottoms.

Back at home, it was back to work for me with a few breaks during which I wandered around the garden admiring it while readjusting my vision from staring at the screen.

Pixie garden

It’s always lovely wandering around our garden. Peaceful yet wild, calm yet diverse, it just feels perfect. I mean for us, naturally. Particularly at the moment as one season leaves while the next starts to encroach.

One spot I’m gradually coming to appreciate is the walk under the gazebo. When it’s sunny, it’s a lovely shady spot and the view looking back is so green. It used to be more a jumble of jungle.

Like a secret spot

Dinner was Thai chicken followed by the final episode of The Durrells which neither of us remembered from the books.

This video is especially for Denise

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