Working it

I find that any extended time away from the gym equates to a bit of pain. So, two weeks in Queensland then a week in Milan with only one gym visit between the two is enough to set me back a bit. The bike was fine as were the knee bends but the rest was a struggle. I do know it’ll get better after a few visits but then I have the Dordogne! Damn it.

Work it, Gaz! And wake up!

The gym was only part of my workout today. I also dismantled the giant dog kennel in preparation for it’s removal. The thing is, the dogs never use it (Freya eats her treats in it but that’s all) and it’s taking up valuable terrace real estate. I’m going to list it on Freecycle. I was going to leave it assembled but, after measuring, realised it wouldn’t fit down the side of the house or through the front door.

So much work for so little result

Of course, after lunch, we went up to the park for a bit of ball chasing. The park is looking extremely green at the moment. And super lush. Such a delight.

Avenue of Trees

I also managed some weeding and some housework before cooking dinner. Tonight I made one of the Chez Gaz signature dishes, Brazilian Fish.

For Monali

Mirinda actually commuted today, which is very rare.

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