Lots of manuals

Before going too much further, I feel I need to start with a photo of part of last night’s dinner. It’s based on an entree I had in Milan on Pizza Night. It was steamed asparagus with a buttery lemon sauce. In Milan the asparagus was white but given I like both types, the fact that it was green was not really a problem. The sauce I had to make up from scratch. I think it needed more lemon because it was hard to taste. And maybe in a long thin rectangular bowl. Still not bad for a first try.

Photo for Mon…of course

But, of course, being Tuesday, I was off to Portsmouth first thing. And what a glorious day it was; just perfect for a day at the dockyard…even inside.

I managed to get through quite a few books today but that may have been because most of them were identical. They were various editions of The Seaman’s Handbook by Sir Fred George Denham Bedford (1838-1913), who seems to have been a most affable chap. Particularly for someone who was around for the big change from sail to ironclad but managed to leave before WW1. There was a lot of changes in the Navy during that period.

Anyway, the most interesting thing I read were the advertisements that appear in the beginning of most of these old books. (Of course, I could have read anything but I generally only dissect the preface or introduction in order to construct an abstract.) One of those ads I’ve included below. I’m quite amazed that these two professions would be combined.

We put ’em up high then bury ’em deep.

He wasn’t the only one as I’ve found a few more dating from the early 1800’s. Clearly it was a thing.

Possibly the best part of the day was picking up the girls. They were so happy to see me. I’m always worried that they’ll want to stay with Sue…given they prefer her.

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2 Responses to Lots of manuals

  1. Mollie Crocker says:

    Hi Gary, Loved reading above very interesting,Dog’s never for get their oners and will always love you ,I think I heard once that no matter how long your away it’s only a day in a dogs life . Say hi to Mirinda.all for now love Aunty Mollie

  2. mum says:

    Yes I agree with Mollie they are very faithful animals and your two love you both even when you go away for a few weeks. love mum xxxx

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