Illegal barbi

Carmen leads us on her favourite walk

It’s been a while since I let Carmen choose where we’d walk so I decided to let her today. She led us to the Queen’s Bottom, as you’d expect but, rather than take the oak tree walk, she took off up the track that leads to the pond. I shook my head. Clearly she’d forgotten that it was now fenced off. It wasn’t that long ago she was disappointed by her inability to get to the ducks and green slime. Predictably, she was disappointed all over again.

She then took us across the Field of Cows (though the cows are still over-wintering elsewhere) so she could bounce around the rutted ground, chasing invisible creatures through the undergrowth. She does this with such abandon that you start seeing the creatures yourself. But, of course, they’re only in her head.

Up on the soccer pitch we sat on the grass for a bit, enjoying the sunlight and looking suitably annoyed at the group of teenagers having a bar-b-q. It was one of those disposable ones you get from the supermarket. People are not supposed to have them in the park but to have one ON the football pitch is, quite frankly, just inconsiderate.

It’s not the smoke or any mess they leave so much as the burnt patches that remain on the grass. However, I guess it’s very difficult to think about other people when you think you’re the only person in the world with any worth. I believe that’s how children are raised.

Anyway, apart from this slight annoyance, we sat for a family portrait especially for Mirinda. Although, from the looks of it, Carmen is interested in whatever is cooking on the barbi.

Squinting into the sun

I spent another afternoon in the garden, weeding, weeding, weeding. Lovely weather again and the three of us enjoyed it enormously. The morning, on the other hand, was a bit frustrating.

In order to lead the golden hop up the garden fence, I needed some green garden wire. I have some but was unable to find it the other day so decided to buy some more this morning. Of course, I forgot. I remembered as I walked in the door back at home. That really irritates me.

I decided the wire I had HAD to be in the cupboard under the stairs. This is quite a scary place. I tend to slam the door shut after throwing things in because I’m not sure what lives in there. I have found teeth marks in the broom handle before today and am therefore a bit wary when digging any deeper than a plastic bag. I decided it needed tidying up.

By the time the hallway was completely covered with bits and pieces, I was pretty much convinced it had been a stupid thing to attempt. Then I found the little ball of green garden wire. I gave a cry of joy. Normally when I do this, the poodles come running to see what joyous thing I’m celebrating but they were buried beneath the piles of stuff.

I then indulged in a wonderful period of chucking things away. By following the simple rule that if I didn’t know what it was or hadn’t seen it for 10 years I’d chuck it, I cleared the cupboard out and managed to dig up the dogs. It was a rotten job but is now much better and not so scary!

I was checking where this blog ranks if I google ‘Nicktor’ and was surprised to find another one! Yes! It’s here. My blog ranks 7th, by the way.

I heard the good news this morning, Claire. That’s fantastic. We’re all looking forward to June, now.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    I am guessing that Claire has her op. Great news. Shame she has to wait till June. Like the family portrait. Fancy finding another Nicktor and in trouble. Love mum

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