How do sheep climb trees?

When we lived in Haslemere, we often wondered what was behind the great walls at Ramster. One day I walked along the Sussex border path and ended up at the Mullberry pub which is almost opposite the big gate to Ramster. It is in a place called Rams Nest. I have no idea why anywhere would be called Rams Nest. Anyway, today we went to Ramster and found out what it’s like. To quote Mirinda “It is the best garden I’ve ever visited.

It’s famous for it’s rhododendrons and azaleas, with very good reason. They are magnificent.

Ramster azaleas

The place is enormous. It has paths and steps going every which way. Each time you crest a hill or turn a corner, it’s like you’ve travelled into another garden. Every step is an adventure. Actually, some steps are quite steep. Like these ones.

Mirinda waits patiently for me at the bottom of the steep steps

There’s the usual collection of awful gunneras which, thankfully, were not very big this time of year. Though seeing them so early doesn’t actually thrill me. They are pretty ugly full grown but they look like a bunch of evil triffids waiting to reach maturity before destroying mankind with poison spitting madness, when they’re little. Needless to say, there are no photographs of gunneras.

There were lots of lovely trees. This one had a sort of natural seat in it. Which I sat in. And managed a wet bum.

Gaz sits in a tree and gets a wet bum

We spent a lovely couple of hours wandering around. The day was gorgeous – not too hot but nice and blue and sunny. Mirinda had spent the morning studying so it was a lovely break. It was also a lovely way to walk off lunch before stopping for a tea/coffee at the Ramster Tea Room.

One final shot of Ramster. This is a reflection in the pond. The image is actually upside down but I think it looks better that way.

Reflection in a pool - Looking Glass World

After our prolonged and thoroughly enjoyable visit, we took the dogs to Hankley for a lovely late walk through the heather. It was a lovely time (now we have daylight saving and the sun is still up) to walk.

Audrey sent me a photo of Leo in his life jacket. He looks a little unsure, if you ask me! Cute, but unsure.

Leo, ready to join the merchant navy

I think he has a while before he’ll be captain.

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2 Responses to How do sheep climb trees?

  1. Mirinda says:

    Leo is sooo cute! Ramster was just lovely – a must for Mum and Dad next time they come. It had an amazing number of ancient looking character filled acers – my favourite trees.

  2. Mum Cook says:

    I don’t think it will be too long before he is captain. The girls can be his crew. They will have to get their own jackets in pink. Love that picture in the water. It is so pretty over there as all the flowers start to come out. Spring is a great time. We are looking for winter now. love mum

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