Return of the travellers

Ten days has felt like quite a bit longer from here in Farnham. Still, end it finally has, and Mirinda and Bob returned to the more familiar surroundings of South East England…as opposed to southern France.

As for me, my morning consisted of the gym then Skyping with mum before having to race up to the shops in order to satisfy my wife’s desire for a dessert tomorrow. This created a new phenomenon herewith known as the Cheesecake Effect. It happens as follows.

The Cheesecake Effect is something that happens rarely because of the number of events that have to be in preparation in order for it to have any kind of major impact. Basically it occurs when one’s other half emails (or phones) with a request for a cheesecake (or other dessert) that takes 24 hours to make, exactly a day before it needs to be eaten. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem but it can be when the day on which it needs to be made, is jam packed with other pre-planned things (including said spouse returning from ten days in another country) meaning an hour has to be created from nothing.

So, after a quick mercy dash to Waitrose, I made it home a full hour before the travellers returned. Well, one of them did, the other was dropped off at the Bush first.

It was lovely having Mirinda back. It was also good that I could finally mention the dogs’ haircuts. According to Mirinda I hadn’t had clearance for it so had to arrange Kate and her scissors below the radar. I plead completely guilty.

It also means that I can finally embed this video of them up the park playing their odd new game…the sound kicks in on the second run.

Bob decided he’d take us to dinner tonight (the hotpot I made yesterday can wait for Thursday) and it was my choice. My first thought was Brasserie Gerrard but then I remembered how much I love the Bel and the Dragon espresso martini. It took longer to decide which branch rather than which restaurant.

We had a lovely meal and Bob was very grateful for the espresso martini introduction. He agrees with me that it is a life changing event. Now he’s going to have to find someone who makes them in Sydney.

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  1. mum cook says:

    Havan’t been on since Tuesday as you know I went on a trip yesterday tell you on Tuesday it was very good. You didn’t say what the cheesecake tasted like sounds yummy. The puppys are funny but love to see them. Love mum xxxx

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