Plastic, aluminium or wood?

The clocks went forward an hour last night when we went to bed which was actually the morning because, before we put them forward it was 11:10 which means when we changed it, it was 12:10 and the next day, Sunday, which is census day.

We had a lovely meal at Cafe Rouge and walked back to delirious dogs and a couple of episodes of CSI series 10. And, finally, bed.

Given that the clocks went forward, it was like we’d not been asleep for very long. The day dawned gloomy but, as it progressed, the sun came out and the sky turned blue.

After the usual shop, the challenge of filling out the census form online (twice) and Mirinda’s phone call to her parents, we gathered the poodles together for a walk. Here they are patiently waiting out the front for us. It was an excellent idea to train them to put their own lead on. And showing them where to wait. Saves us a lot of hassle.

Carmen & Day-z wait outside for their slow owners

Eventually, it was a glorious walk across Hankley with the poodles. We saw very few people, which is always nice. We did see this lot…

Family at Hankley out for a walk

…but they were quite a distance away. We even let Carmen off the lead and she was (almost) very well behaved. The day was perfect although we had an hour less of it because of the clocks.

Back at home we had lunch and then waited for the conservatory guy that Mirinda had ordered last week. And what a lovely chap he was. An excellent salesperson, he convinced Mirinda we not only needed a conservatory but we needed his company to build it. We signed on the dotted line and they’ll start building it tomorrow!

Actually, that’s not really true. He WAS a very nice chap and not at all pushy. There was nothing to sign or commit to. He explained everything and went away to prepare a few quotes for the 37 different designs that Mirinda threw at him. When (if) we give the word, it’s supposed to be finished in about 16 weeks. It could end all of our space problems and mean we may stay here for at least five more years.

After he’d gone, Mirinda took a turn around the garden. I was in her study and thought the garden was looking particularly lush so I snapped her in it.

Our garden looking lush for a change

But, a highlight of the weekend was our joining the Farnham Humanists. I’ve filled out the form, written the cheque and will have it in the post tomorrow. They meet once a month at the Hop Blossom pub to discuss things that do not contain religion. They meet on Sunday nights. We shall both be going.

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2 Responses to Plastic, aluminium or wood?

  1. Mum Cook says:

    Yes your garden does look lovely and a nice photo of Mirinda
    I bet Audrey is laughing her head off about your quote.
    The dogs look so cute waiting for their slow owners.
    love mum

  2. Mirinda says:

    All I can see is the long muddy scar right through the centre…..

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