Fish market

Our lights this year

Today in the snooker, it was Rocket Ronnie’s turn to have a rough day at the table. Leading Martin Gould 5-0 he only had to win one more frame to fall over the line. Although well behind, Martin had played with dogged determination and it suddenly came to some good when he won the sixth frame.

Mystified Martin

In the end, Ronnie was simply too good and eventually won 6-3 but the final few frames were a big surprise for everyone. No more so than the person who was carried out of the theatre by, I assume, medics. There was a long interruption while the audience member was carried out. While the camera didn’t venture into the auditorium, we were kept up to date by watching Martin’s face as he waited to have a shot.

When the game finally returned to normal, it was as if Martin Gould had been given an injection of Win Juice. He started playing well, giving Ronnie as good as he got.

Then, in the final frame, Ronnie went into robot mode and just won with a break of 90 odd. In the studio he admitted he wasn’t playing very well but just did his best.

Meanwhile up in the close to frozen north, my marine app pinpointed the Hassells. They were docked at Hamburg. They were quite near to the Altonaer fish market and across from the entrance to the south branch of the Elbe river.

Here’s a screen dump of them sitting at the pier. They are on the Aurora.

By the end of the night their ship had cast off and headed for their next stop, Copenhagen while further south, Denise and Jenny were boarding a plane for Munich.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Wow fancy being able to see there ship wonderful and also Denise and Jenny that is so great. well I had to fix my puter as lost my internet so did what they told me to on the screen and bingo its going again. Love mum xxxxxx

  2. Mum Cook. says:

    Sorry got carried away with Snooker forgot to say your lights look lovely very magical love mum xxxxxx

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