The big switch on

Every year, up and down the country, there comes the day for the big Christmas lights switch on. Generally some celebrity (that I’ve never heard of but is usually starring in a local panto) will stand behind a big red button and bash it, bringing the lights to life. They even do it in Ambridge. Here in Farnham it happened a few weeks ago, which I thought was way too early. Today it happened at our house.

Originally Mirinda was coming home tomorrow night but, wanting to get home so we could attend a lecture at Chawton House Library, she managed to shift things around. Sadly (for us at least), the lecture was full so she had to put up with a night at home with me and the girls.

Of course, because she came home tonight, the Big Switch On had to take place this evening. I felt very self conscious as I’d hate to think we were the first in the street. There might be another house further down but I’m not sure. Of course now I’ve set the trend, they’ll all be doing it. And I just know that next October, Neighbour Dave will be asking me when I’m going to put my lights up.

While I was feeling rather embarrassed, it was nowhere near as embarrassed as the two fellows I watched play snooker this afternoon. Martin Gould was playing Xiao Guodong and it was one of the least skillful matches I’ve ever seen in the UK Championships. Evah!

Martin Gould wondering how he reached the final 16

Mistake followed mistake as they each tried to control the cue ball against seemingly impossible odds. And failing. As Steve Davis almost said, they didn’t so much as have the cue ball on a string as a very old and tired rubber band.

Okay, I’m not saying I could have beaten either of them but the standard was pretty low. As I watched them, I figured neither of them would win the overall competition unless something drastic happened to their opponents…like being hit by an alien death ray, for instance.

Xiao Guodong hypnotised by errors

The game was dragging on with Gould trailing at one stage 3-4. Then, like someone who could almost play competitive snooker, Gould managed to win the match 6-4. The game was only interesting in that it was so bad. I’ll be surprised if Gould gets passed the next round.

Here, in Farnham, we were somewhat hampered with rain. It rained all the way to the gym then all the way into town then on the way home. There was a lot of rain.

By lunchtime, just after telling the girls there’d be no walk, the rain stopped and the sun came out, the clouds replaced by blue sky. After Emma pointed out the change in the weather, we went for a walk.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    we had the biggest storm ever well for a long time. cant understand the snooker like I used to with dad still if you keep telling me I will be able to learn again I do like it.
    Love mum xxxxx


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