End of the year

Final day at work for 2009 – now off for 2 weeks.

Work party last night at the Arsenal Football Ground in London. 740 people attended – knew hardly any of them and had great difficulty finding those that I did know.

Hadn’t read the invitation so didn’t realise where it was, nor that it was black tie, nor that I was supposed to bring the invite with me.

I don’t normally give a toss about dress codes, but over the course of the day I realised everyone was fussing a lot about what they would wear. I went for lunch with 3 of the yanks and they had booked a hairdresser and were going to wear full length frocks! And then I heard GNF (our CEO and my boss) say to one of the guys who was going to wear work clothes “I am sure you can do better than that”.

So had an “important” (ie pom pom, jolly hockey sticks, fake transatlantic rah rah meeting) presentation in the afternoon that was supposed to finish at 4pm and started getting more and more anxious about this Christmas party.  At 4.15 (still droning on and with all the fun of marketing reports yet come) I told Morticia I had a call to take and left – jumped on the tube, shot up to Oxford street and went shopping.  Spent over £200 as I had to buy everything – shoes, jewelery, outfit, the works and just got back in the nick of time for the taxi.

What a palaver – but I noted GNF did notice what I was wearing so I guess it was good to show I had at least changed – but really I don’t know why I go to these things!!


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  1. Mumj Cook says:

    You should go to these black tie events as you are a Dean and after you have done your other course you will be nearly next to the Prime Minister so you will have to go all the time also a photo in your new outfitt would be lovely please . love mum cook xxx

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