When evil visited London

This morning Mirinda had a breakfast meeting at the Houses of Parliament. This afternoon a subhuman creature visited the Houses of Parliament leaving behind a number of dead in his wake. Fortunately this subhuman creature was put down very quickly. He will not be mourned.

According to everyone, his target was our freedom and democracy which is why he chose the Houses of Parliament (I suppose). His victims were innocent people who just happened to be walking across a bridge or doing their job.

People like Kurt Cochran, an American tourist visiting London with his wife to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. And Aysha Frade a teacher on her way to pick up her two daughters. And Leslie Rhodes, a 75 year old from Streatham. And, of course, the policeman who tried to stop the knife wielding moron with nothing but his bare hands, PC Keith Palmer, a real hero.

There were also around 50 casualties with some people still in a critical condition in hospital.

When I heard, I immediately texted Mirinda to make sure she was okay – she was – and had a text chat with Tracey who was worried that Michael was okay – he was.

It wasn’t long before the lowlifes came out to tell the world that Londoners were scared shitless and hiding under their beds and that refugees were to blame. These lies were immediately shouted down by the real people; the real Londoners who care. Most of them made a big effort to go out and have a drink instead of cowering.

The main and loudest voice of condemnation belonged to Nigel Farage, a 52 year old Brit from Kent, who blamed refugees for this atrocity. I have no idea what he said when we all found out that the subhuman who did this awful thing was a 52 year old Brit from Kent but I hope he choked on his words…then flew back into the arms of his boyfriend in the White House, scared and upset because we all (mostly) despise him and his racist face.

Rather than the idiots, it’s much better, on such a horrid day, to concentrate on the emergency people, the police, the armed response team and the individual acts of heroism following. In particular the marksman who so accurately dispatched this particular speck of evil from this world.

Paradise? No, mate, you’re just another dead loser.

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2 Responses to When evil visited London

  1. Tracey says:

    Well said Gaz xxx

  2. Mum Cook says:

    Well written my son I agree with you a shame we had to lose the good people as well.So glad my family is ok xx love mum xxx

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