Super smooth

Late last year I mentioned Becka, a new barista, and how she told me she had to work at Starbucks for three months before being allowed to make coffee. She was eagerly waiting for the day to arrive when she could do a little more than just clean up after other people. Well, her three months are up.

When I went into Starbucks this morning I was greeted by Chantelle saying hello and Becka jumping up and down with excitement asking if she could make my coffee. Of course I said yes. And while she had an expert teaching her (Chantelle is very good) she did enough of it to prove she can make one damn fine latte.

The thing with my latte is that it needs to be silky smooth. I don’t expect it in other cafes because it would take too long to describe but in Starbucks, Farnham, Sue insists that they are silky smooth, creamy and free of bubbles. Becka, naturally, is being taught to make them exactly like I love them.

The day was spent mostly indoors. Mirinda was working on her DBA and I was printing stuff for her. We did have a break when we went to the dump to get rid of the old black office chair from my office (who knew they go into the scrap metal bin?) and then a side trip to the garden centre for bird food, wood and glue…as you do. Also Mirinda took the girls to Farnham Heath for a run around, keeping a close eye on them both though I think Freya has finished being fertile.

Basically it was a lovely, hyyge Saturday.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Thank you for picture is that taken from our seat we tried to get every day. Looks the same. yummy. Good on Becka she will be there a long time.
    Love mum xxxxx

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