Haslemere Christmas

Up at 6am. Rang mum and dad but the phone ran out of money so only a quick Chrissy wish to all.

Then I attacked the turkey. Nigel woke up and joined me at 7:30 to chat. Unfortunately he has no idea how his voice travels and he woke Farelli up in the lounge.

people then started drifting in and out, awake and asleep, throughout the morning.

Weather grey and chilly.

Nigel reckons it’s the best Christmas he’s ever had because he’s not all hot and sweaty.

We opened presents at 11. LOTS of presents.

Karen and Nigel bought us tickets to Liaisons, among other things.

Stevie bought me a marvellous biography of a French chef during the 1800’s.

Lunch went very well. Alex didn’t eat very much but everyone else had seconds, although Karen just had a plate of turkey. My fancy bread rolls were yumbo.

After lunch Mirinda and Farelli took the puppies for a walk and Alex and Nigel talked all afternoon.

In the evening we played Headbandz, which was a total cack.

Watched some telly, bed quite late.

A lovely day.

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