Cooking up a storm

Manuel died today. Poor Andrew Sachs, who’d been suffering from dementia for a number of years, passed away. Although he did get quite a lot of coverage on Radio 4, it didn’t come close to competing with Fidel Castro’s of the other day.

I have to say that I enjoyed the Andrew Sachs’ anecdotes a lot more than the Castro ones. Andrew made us laugh, entertained us and thoroughly enjoyed his life. Castro almost destroyed a lot of the planet. Yes, I understand why one is more important than the other it’s just a pity the news had them mixed up.

Talking of mixing, I was at feverish work in the kitchen all day today, readying the place for the big summit tomorrow. I had soup to make, quiches and dips to prepare…all manner of foodstuffs. So much so that the house smelled of savoury delight all day.

First up came the pastries for the quiches. They were quickly prepared and put in the fridge to chill. Then the soup (roast veg and chicken) started off with the veg slowly roasting in the oven. It was then the quiche filling and cooking. Salmon first…

Salmon and dill quiche with potato pastry

Salmon and dill quiche with potato pastry

…quickly followed by the quiche Lorraine. I’ve never made a quiche Lorraine before but I thought it turned out pretty good. Just a pity I’ll not get to taste it.

The first Chez Gaz quiche Lorraine

The first Chez Gaz quiche Lorraine

It was then onto the dips: tzatziki, hummus, special Chez Gaz mixed olive and chorizo tapas, to name but a few. I didn’t count how many times I washed up but it was a lot.

By the time Mirinda arrived home (quite late as it turned out) I had everything prepared and sealed with Happy Wrap in the fridge and the house looking spotless.

I was knackered, but it was a good day. Now, let’s hope the meeting goes off successfully.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Yes I hope so too the food sounds very tasty and a delight to behold bet there was none left when you did get home. I love quiche Lorraine my favourite out of all the quiche’s.
    Love mum xxxx

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