Grim & Wet

And so it rained all day. Nice. I went up to Farnham to do my shopping (slowly returning to some semblance of normality) and it rained on me.

Not all bad, though. The barista at Starbucks remembered my order. When I expressed my amazement, he said it was because I came in all the time. When I told him I hadn’t actually been in for 2 months, he just repeated what he’d already said. The blonde barista asked if I’d been given my January coupons yet. I said no and so she quickly made sure I had some. This entitles me to a further 50p off my coffee. Combined with my Starbucks card, this is brilliant. Such great service.

Shopping was only good because I could do it out of the rain, for everyone looked and acted pretty gloomy, in an homage to the weather, I guess. And then I was rained on walking home. Dawn has asked me whether I’m missing the Australian sun. It would be fair to say I’m not but just a little blue sky would be nice.
I spent a large swodge of the day scanning some of the polaroids we used to have on our wall at Katoomba (& Claire Street, before that). Shots like this:

Gary and Trace, a few lifetimes ago

And shots like this:

Chris with his training wheels

As well as lots of pictures of people from our theatre days. And when we first met (Mirinda and me, I mean…not the theatre people). Happy times (or so most of the photos seem to indicate). Like this:

Farelli & Gaz at a theatre festival – maybe Wagga

They bring back a lot of memories. Of people long forgotten. Of far distant times. How different we were then. How different I am now!

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2 Responses to Grim & Wet

  1. Lovely to see all your photos especially the Theatre ones. I am sure your doggies are happy to see you and to come home.

  2. Mum Cook says:

    Wow!! great to see the old photos again you and Trace look so young. You talk about me talking to everybody they all know you in Starbucks so you must talk as well.
    love mum


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