After the drought

Rain, rain and more rain. And humidity. And really, really, really bad cricket. That just about sums up my boxing day. I visited the pool twice and forced mum to walk 20 miles to get the Sunday paper but otherwise dad & I sat and watched the dismal first day of the third Ashes test.

The weather all the way up and down the Queensland coast has gone manic. There is water everywhere and people are either flooded or about to be. Tonight on the weather, we were treated to the sight of more and more clouds coming from the sea without pause.

The weather bureau claims there will be rain until at least Thursday. Mum is worried about drying her washing. Contrawise, however, I went for a wander round the neighbourhood at about 9pm and the sky was virtually cloudless and the night, nice and dry. Go figure.

Here’s a photograph of the pool area, at which I am spending an increasing number of hours.

Where you'll inevitably find me when visiting mum & dad

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