Compulsive Suite Purchase

Well, write today large as the Day of the Compulsive Suite Purchase. We walked into the shop, spotted the suite and bought the bastard! We’d only gone shopping for a couple of drill bits.

I planted the magnolia from Farelli – finally – while Mirinda popped over to the flat for a cup of tea with Les and Gina. She was given the once in a lifetime opportunity to glimpse his list of aeroplane registration numbers. He admitted that he cheated with some of them if he hadn’t seen them personally. Why on earth does he exist?

I forgot to mention the election last Thursday (June 7, 2001). I voted Lib Dem. Labour in like a flood while the Tories were out like a light. Poor Willie Hague quit the top job and now Ann Widdecombe wants it. But the Lib Dems are slowly building up seats. Won Guildford off the Labour party this time.

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