Back to the rain

Waiting at Gare de Nord

Waiting at Gare de Nord

England never disappoints. The moment our train emerged from the Chunnel, it was raining. After the days of glorious Paris weather we’ve returned to wet London drizzle.

Apparently there’s supposed to be rain in Paris as well…but I don’t believe it.

We were in a new Eurostar carriage this morning. They have screens with information and trivia on them. I was amazed to find out that the top speed of the new Eurostar is around 320kph (200mph). This is never going to happen in the UK though because, apparently, the tracks aren’t good enough.

Stats aside, it was a fast and smooth trip into St Pancras (I’m ignoring the episode at Gare de Nord which required an extensive session of jiggling stress molecules down to fingers and toes) where I left Mirinda to grab a taxi while I headed for the tube and onward from Waterloo.

I was entertained all the way home by a loud group of train guards who were taking my train to Farnham. Made reading difficult so I just sort of dozed.

At home I had a while before picking up the girls so I added a bit more paint to the kennel until Sue called to say they were ready.

Naturally they went manic when they saw me…as did Pippa. Clearly she was glad to see me as well.

Back at home I spent the rest of the day tidying up for Mirinda who came home late, having had dinner with Amanda. I also managed to catch up with The Archers.

It was a lovely and unexpected break in Paris but it’s now back to my normal hum drum life.

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  1. hankyoyu says:

    Dam and blast!!!! Wrote this once press the wrong thing lost it all.
    I had a lovely day went to The Lost Garden right up the mountains about 100 acres all laid out with a careless way not done precisely in rows ect,so colourful, a very nice lunch and got home about 4 oclock.
    Like you fed up with a hum drum life so health and money I will be back in about year and a half,
    love Mum xx

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