Torta di mele

Hooray! Blue sky and sunshine. A fantastic day. And I didn’t want to waste it.

After last year’s drop, it was essential that I remade the leaf trap. So, using the remains of the wildflower patch fence, I added one to the end of the big compost bin. I then swept up the leaves on the terrace and started the whole thing off.


Given the continued good weather I finished moving the second compost bin. This involved shovelling then sieving the lovely compost before distributing it about the garden for the nourishment of all. This was then repeated a fair few times before I was in a position to move the actual bin.

By the end of the day it was done.


To finish off the day perfectly, I made an Italian Apple cake, the recipe for which I found quite fortuitously on Twitter. Someone had tweeted a photo of one they’d made then a link to the recipe. Naturally I did the same.


It tasted very nice.

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  1. hankyoyu says:

    It looks good too you busy bee.
    Love mum xx

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