Wet and dull…and that’s just this post

After what feels like a month of sunshine (probably a week) we’ve had torrential rain. Yesterday was awful and today was worse.

Actually, I’m being a bit unfair because today started off sort of dry. In fact I managed to remain dry, walking to and from town unlike yesterday when I was drenched and my new hat had its waterproof properties sorely tested*. It was while I was Skyping mum that the rain really started making itself known.

It came in waves, big drenching waves that just cried out for a vertical surfboard. Drenching waves that ensured we would be staying in the office until they had washed themselves out.

And so the day continued. Again, the poor puppies didn’t get a walk and, again I had to put up with their constant complaints. I mean, really, if they’re happy enough to walk in the torrential rain, they should be happy enough to have a bath. I did tell them as much but they never listen. They just keep moaning.

While I didn’t get to do anything outside, I did manage a lot of admin, which is always a good rainy day occupation.

My day was full of swatches, Sliderobes and Sainsbury’s shopping. I also sourced a possible new cooker for the flat – I just had to ask a couple of questions before I commit us to actually ordering it.

And, sadly, that was it. Not the most interesting of days, I fear.

* My new hat, bought at the Country Fair at Loseley a few weeks ago to replace the one I left in the taxi in Beijing, passed the waterproof test with flying colours.

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2 Responses to Wet and dull…and that’s just this post

  1. Mirinda says:

    Poor puppies – do they really complain?

  2. hankyoyu says:

    I was going to ask that Mirinda, bet they don’t they sleep when you skype me all over you. You must have sent it over here its raining cats and dogs checked to see if it was your puppies falling from the sky no such luck.
    Love mum xx


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