Six Spitfires

The 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain was commemorated today with 22 planes that took off from various small airports then flew over the south of England. Six Spitfires flew over our house, looking like a small but throaty phalanx of geese, sounding magnificent. The deep throaty growl multiplied six times was brilliant. I’ve seen single ones before but this was a real treat.

Apart from the six Spitfires, the only thing of note that happened today was the return of the plumbers. They had solved the problem of the bathroom tap…albeit theoretically. Jem went at it and, eventually, came downstairs to proclaim that he’d fixed it. And he had.

There then ensued a crazy half hour with him cuddling Freya in various ways in order for his mate to photograph him. The best photo was then sent to his mum to show that he could look cute with a little help from a flannel dog. I told him it didn’t work, he just made Freya look cuter.

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  1. hankyoyu says:

    What a daft lot of workmen.
    love mum xx

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