2000+ kilometres

We’re going to miss Coco. It’s the first hire car we’ve ever named and the only one we’ll really remember. She has faithfully driven us over 2,000 kilometres across France and back again, sometimes with the roof down, sometimes with the air conditioning on…either way, she was a star.

And that was about it for today. Originally, Linda had said it would take five hours from St Ay to St Malo but, because I had to buy a new suitcase, she did some sort of navigational magic and reduced it to four. This meant we arrived back at the Chateaubriand Hotel with plenty of time for me to go and buy one. Which I did.

The trip was completely uneventful…though the lunch stop wasn’t exactly what I’d call cordon bleu – I mean, really, Swedish bread? In France? And it’s bloody awful. Weird stuff.

Lunch aside, however, everything went very smoothly and we left Coco back with Avis to satisfy some other customer like the tart she is.

Back in St Malo we discovered, to our delight, that finally, after all these years, we’d been booked into a sea view room. And what a sea view. Fantastic. And the view from the sea isn’t bad either.


Having filled our senses with the view, we went for a drink at the hotel bar then strolled down to the beach for a paddle and a wander. The rapidly incoming tide eventually forced us to go to dinner where we witnessed the youngest mother in the world trying to look after her barely walking baby. She was definitely bossy enough but I’m not sure just how responsible a nine year old can be. Though the actual mother wasn’t the least bit worried, even when they started playing on the road.

After dinner we went for a stroll up the road, passing a group of singers, belting out some French tunes we’d never heard before in aid of some charity or other. Here we witnessed a rather odd woman who really, really wanted to be a part of the group but because her clothes didn’t match she remained, singing loudly but just outside the group dynamic. It was a bit sad.


You can just see her head behind the guy on the right.

After listening for a bit, we continued on up to the best ice cream place outside Sorrento where I had a double cone with creme brulee and Smurf flavours. Mirinda had stracciatella and Smurf. They were delicious, of course. It was then, finally, back to the room to wash off sand, repack the new suitcase and, finally, go to bed.

Tomorrow we board the ferry for home.

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  1. hankyoyu says:

    Another suitcase! every time you go on holiday you have to buy a new one when you go home what do you do to them. To me it sounds like you had a lovely time and there are some great photos.
    Love mum xx

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