Monster of Hankley Heath

Today at Hankley, we spotted this strange creature. It darted across the track at one stage, freaking us all out. It could have been some sort of throwback to more ancient times. Perhaps it has been living on mud and berries, prevalent in the heathland.

Weird creature

Weird creature

The weather was a bit yucky when Mirinda took off for guitar class and I set sail for the shops. It did improve a little bit though it never stopped being grey and bleak – the perfect way to end February.

After guitar, Mirinda stopped off at Hindhead to engage in final discussions about the Mini. Nick the Salesman was joined in the negotiations by some woman who Mirinda didn’t like. It seems she was the money person and was rather insistent on selling Mirinda the monthly payment scheme. She was so insistent that she even engaged in lies.

When Mirinda asked if we could pay cash, the woman was a bit cagey (the answer was, basically, ‘yes’), insisting that we couldn’t get a reduction for paying cash because it wouldn’t be fair to the people who were unable to pay cash. This is just weird and, in a nutshell, would mean everyone would have to shop at the cheapest shop because it wasn’t fair that people without the money can’t have the nicest things.

Anyway, Mirinda, when pressed for a decision, used the age old winning argument of having to ask her husband (I use the opposite all the time) and left wondering whether we should find another Mini dealership and give them our business.

After lunch (and an episode of 24) we headed off for Hankley for a walk in the bleak heathland.



One of our little troupe enjoyed the walk so much, she decided to take a lot of it home with her. Mum might be correct about Emma having more baths than any other dog she knows. Looking at this adorable little bundle of sand, is it it any wonder?

But I had a bath yesterday...

But I had a bath yesterday…

Even with the hour spent removing the flora, fauna and geology from Emma, it was worth it…though, judging from her face while she suffered in the sink, Emma wasn’t convinced.

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1 Response to Monster of Hankley Heath

  1. Mum says:

    I think I would go to another dealership good thing dad wasn’t there he would have walk out he hated that type of over the top sales person.
    I love the picture of the monster haha she had a great time what do they say your only young once, Emma is making the most of it.
    Love mum xx

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