Emma and the ladder back chair

Having had an awful night of little sleep due to recurring and forgotten nightmares it may have been delirium but Emma made me laugh out loud twice today.

The first time was while I was sitting at the dining table with Day-z on my lap. Emma has a habit of dragging the dog blanket out of the laundry and into the extension for the day and she was lying on that.

Suddenly she stood up and started to walk towards me. She didn’t look happy. It was obvious why. One of her front legs wasn’t working properly.

Her confident stride had been reduced to a strange crippled waddle. She was, for some reason, having to put her paw out straight, rotate it around then place it on the floor in front of her before starting it all over again. It looked like she’d dislocated something.

Immediately concerned, I tossed Day-z off my lap and went to see what the problem was. I took her leg in my hand and, gently, tried to move it. She didn’t squeal or complain. I felt around the joint at the top then burst out laughing.

Another strange thing that Emma does is chew on her hair brush. Clearly she’d been gnawing away but then fell asleep on top of it. It had then managed to become entangled in the hair at the top of her leg, causing her strange walking style. It was really very funny.

Then, later in the day, she pushed a tennis ball onto my freshly washed floor. I’ll admit, I swore at her. She took off, obviously aware she was in trouble.

A little later I realised I hadn’t seen her for a while and searched for her. I was starting to worry when I suddenly noticed a little ball of fluff sitting behind the ladder back chair, watching my every move. Again, I burst out laughing and gave her a big hug.

Sadly, the weather was rubbish today so, to make up for the lack of a walk, I played the throwing the tennis ball up the corridor game for her (after the floor had dried), mainly because she’d entertained me so much. That is until Day-z ruined the game by retrieving the ball and sitting on it.

Meanwhile, Mirinda went to the ballet with Amanda tonight, something she hasn’t done for a while. I assume she enjoyed it.

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2 Responses to Emma and the ladder back chair

  1. Mum says:

    They give you lots of happy moments, oh how lovely haven’t been to the Ballet for years hope she enjoyed it.
    love mum xx

  2. Hysterical Gaz!! I can just see Emma doing it too, and Day-zee.

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