The big clean up

Today the Hassells were up, bright and early, to catch an early train to Paris. It was my job to go to the flat and tidy it back up, ready for Mirinda next week.

I can only imagine how early they rose because the flat was spotless. All I had to do was strip and make the bed, replace all of Mirinda’s clothes in the wardrobe and chests of drawers and wash the towels. I rrckon I’d have been out of the flat and on my way back home in about an hour if it hadn’t been for the towels.

The washer/dryer at the flat takes forever so most of my time was spent watching it spin around before I could leave.

The Hassells did such a great job, I’m thinking that we should get them to work in our future gite complex plan.

So, I listened to some radio, watched some TV and, finally, unloaded the washing machine and left for home.

Bob said he would shout us dinner so we tried to book Cafe Rouge, only to be told it wouldn’t be necessary…which proved correct.

A lovely dinner later and Bob retired to the Bush while we retired to the house.

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  1. hat says:

    You should get your self an airer you just put the towels on them they would then be dry by the time Mirinda get to the flat and she can put them away, then you dont waste so much time.
    love mum x

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