The Mystery of the Blue Door

A beautiful day dawned after the deluge of yesterday. I pulled back the black plastic and switched on the big fan. And, I’m happy to report, the sun stayed with us all day. Once the sun went down, I’d worked out a better way to lay the plastic so the underside wasn’t actually touching the screed. I’m hoping this will prove a bit more effective.

Most of the day was spent outside. I built some secure steps (I say ‘build’ but it’s really just three big blocks, sunk into the ground and levelled…sort of) and then added two of the left over outside tiles to cover the mud. No more falling over for me! It also means Emma can easily get up and down, off and on the terrace without diving into the water on the plastic.

I also started sorting out some rubbish to take to the dump on the weekend. This is mostly coming from one of the sheds but also comprises a few historical bits from the midden we call the under stairs cupboard. It’s amazing the things I’ve found in the lower reaches. Being the archaeologist I am, I have been sure to document and section draw every 10 centimetres. The T-Rex fossils at the bottom were a bit cumbersome*.

After lunch, I took the girls up to the park for a jolly romp, which we all enjoyed. Mind you, it is with great sadness that I have to report that the blue door has vanished! It has been replaced with some plywood. I can only think that it is being repaired. For Mirinda’s sake, I certainly hope so and, likewise, I hope the replacement has a keyhole or she will be totally devastated.

Speaking of my brilliant wife, a while ago, I wrote about her giving a speech at the first graduation ceremony for her new uni. I’ve knicked this photo from Facebook. I’m so proud of her and want to share it.

Mirinda gives a speech

* That’s a lie. I did no such thing.

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4 Responses to The Mystery of the Blue Door

  1. Mirinda says:

    That’s quite a few weeks ago now!

  2. admin says:

    They only just posted the photos for me to steal!

  3. hat says:

    Yes we are proud of her as well and a lovely photo.
    love mum and dad xx

  4. Mirinda says:

    And do you mean my alice door has vanished????


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