Heading down the road

Today was all about driving from Chinon to St Malo the easiest, quickest and pleasantest way. We managed it, with a rest, in about four hours. We returned the car without a problem and then headed across to St Malo to check into our respective hotels.

While we leaned out of the windows in our room (in order to see the sea) we were serenaded by a hurdy gurdy man on the street below. His turning skills were perfect but his singing could have been a little bit better. Even so, he was highly entertaining and, seriously, how could you go beyond the jacket.


We then met up for a coffee, but, realising we’d not actually eaten, had a little snack. Well, to be fair, Mirinda and I had a little snack. Bob decided to set the record for the world’s biggest banana split. Amazingly, he managed to eat the entire thing.

The guy walking by is just stunned

The guy walking by is just stunned

Having managed to devour the monster dessert, Bob joined us on a walk down to the beach. The day was sunny and blue and there were plenty of families about. As we approached the shore line, the clouds started to gather, thunder started rumbling and the lightning started flashing warnings in the sky. I noticed a few people with kites not stopping. Clearly they had no idea what happened to Ben Franklin.

A little further down the beach, a bride and groom were happily walking along, feet in the water as a photographer snapped away at them. At first I thought it was some truly bizarre wedding photographer’s idea of being arty but, after a while, I realised it was actually a photo shoot for something a little less formal.


But then we decided the wisest thing to do would be to head back to town so we’d be near a shop when the storm struck. And strike it did. The rain belted down. We watched it from a luggage shop while others huddled under canopies and in doorways up and down the road. It was all perfectly timed…for us. I have no idea what happened to the happy couple.

Eventually it stopped enough to walk back to the hotel. A little later we met for dinner.

Tomorrow we’re hoping to catch a boat over to Dinard, something we’ve been trying to do every time we come to St Malo (that’s seven trips so far). Fingers crossed.

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