Looks like Jericho

Our kitchen is no more. The back wall is also no more. And you can walk direct from the hallway, through what was once the laundry (if you ignore the missing floor), straight into the kitchen and then outside.

Paul the Brickie was very happy with himself and Clive was a bit mad for the jack hammer. Meanwhile, Robbie was busy pulling the ceilings down. It was all action.

Clive gives the floor a bit of welly

Clive gives the floor a bit of welly

I spent most of my time in the office, finishing off some essential filing and document destruction. I did take time off to snap a few pictures of the tulips for this year. I thought it very important, given we won’t be there to enjoy them live, as it were.


The ones around the office are still starting to arrive but these ones are in the ex-hedge bed. And here they are from above.


I was only at the house for a few hours because I had to pop over to Heath End and see Optibob about the new laundry. I was concerned he’d take an age but, rather, I was back out and on the street in half an hour. A bus arrived soon and deposited me at Aldershot Station for the trip back to the flat.

These two are for mum

These two are for mum

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2 Responses to Looks like Jericho

  1. Mirinda says:

    I have to say it is rather disturbing looking at those pictures

  2. flip100 says:

    What beautiful flowers wish I could pick them thank you I took a pic of them.
    love mum and dad xx


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