Tonight we had the last Nicktor Night for a while…probably sometime around September. Oddly, Nicktor didn’t stay but drove home, into the night, following the final episode of Chancer.

We’ve been watching Chancer for ages and it’s rather sad that they stopped making the show after series two. However, it was also a good way to (temporarily) end our Nicktor Nights.

The day started with a frantic text from Mum saying the new laptop had frozen. Apart from the obvious annoyance, this would mean we wouldn’t be able to Skype this morning if I didn’t fix it. I texted back saying I’d ring at the usual time. It was then time to walk Mirinda to the station for her train.

Following the usual shopping and Starbucks, I headed back home to a frantic Day-z and the invisible builders. I calmed down the poodle, tutted at the lack of workers then rang Mum and Dad.

There followed a verbal lesson in how to remove a battery from a laptop I’d never seen before. Because she needed both her hands, I relayed instructions through Dad while Mum fiddled. And like the technological whizz that she is, she managed without a problem. Well, once she’d actually found the battery.

Once removed, it was just a matter of switching it back on and we had a lovely, long Skype hearing primarily, about poor Jaxon and his fractured elbow.

Having fallen badly, he played for a bit longer before holding his arm to his chest and telling Kelly it hurt. No tears or moaning…what a guy. He was rushed off to the hospital for an x-ray, some TLC and a sling that was considerably bigger than him.

I told Mum and Dad about those other horrid children I’d recently heard about who constantly make a noise, destroy things, hit dogs and slam doors for no reason. They were shocked but thankful that Jaxon is such a well behaved little fellow.

The rest of the day was divided between organising the final hotels for France, settling Day-z’s accommodation and planning to see the landscape guy again while, occasionally packing more boxes. The latter has become a real priority following a discussion I had with Paul the Brickie.

The invisible builders materialised for about an hour in order to mix some cement which they then took to a job a street away; the one with the chimney. Apparently, the chimney is threatening to collapse and the next door neighbour is being difficult about the scaffolding. I noted, with trepidation, that the neighbour was more than happy to begin with but then, according to Paul, went mental for no reason. I’m desperately hoping the neighbour isn’t related to the Crazies.

And that was it for building work. However, while Paul the Brickie was with me, he flippantly mentioned that they had about two days of work before they’d start knocking through. Knocking through! TWO DAYS!!

And so, packing boxes became a major priority.

And, for Mum:

The builders didn’t turn up today.
Well, they did but then they went away.
Informing me the walls would soon come down.

In other news, my mother cured
A frozen laptop that had not stirred
Since leaving father’s gaming face a frown.

It isn’t hard to make things rhyme
Just time consuming to refine
And makes a poem sound just like a card.

Still, when the metre is correct,
It’s pleasing on the ear, by heck!
Though I’m thinking I shall never be the Bard.

And that is, possibly, the last poem I shall write on this blog!

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1 Response to Chancer

  1. flip100 says:

    Well even if it is the last I thought it was great and as it was for me I shall treasure it.
    I don’t believe your builders, they have never turned up when they say they will yet.
    Poor Nicktor that must be a first driving home after one of your nights. all our Great G/Kids are well behaved I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Love mum and dad xx

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